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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aegis-Viper Assault Engineer Reconnaissance starviper
Altitude/Condor Sky Patrol Recon Vanishing Point
Ambush Concealment Specialist buzzerbr
Cobra SCYTHE Screen and Skirmish Yeomanry starviper
Compass Arctic Recon Mainframe
Cool Breeze Marine Force Recon Kwinn_Lives
Doc Reconnaissance Specialist Doc Rob
DRAT Direct Reconaissance Android Trooper Lance Sputnik
Freeway Force Recon/Machine Gunner Otto the Otter
Frontline Reconnaissance ska_lives
Groundout Scout past nastification
Gung-Ho Reconnaissance SoaUSMColRet
Gung-Ho Sea Devils Marine Recon Kwinn_Lives
Gung-Ho Resolute Marine Force Recon jldubbya515
Mongoose All Terrain Recon Vanishing Point
Otter Recon Marine Otto the Otter
Percival Reconnaissance Ian
POC Cobra Night Vulture Cobra Recon Specialist TR1ER
Recoil Version 2, Survival, recon and communications ReCoiL
Recoil Recon/Pathfinder Electric_Knight
Recoil Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol C Richter
Recoil Long Range Recon Patrol Dream
Recon Trooper Forward operations for Cobra forces C Richter
Recon Trooper II Cobra Reconnaissance Troopers C Richter
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