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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Back Up Concept Renegade OreoBuilder
Barbecue Firefighter Iron Will
Diablo Renegades team 2 Oneforceleader
Flint Warrant Officer Iron Will
Knuckles Renegade/Ex- Dreadnok MobileBattleBunker
Lone Wolf Disavowed G.I. Joe Operative snowman_ejc
Mercer GI Joe Redemption Squad Leader bucky
Mercer Renegade 25th style Oneforceleader
Mercer Ex-COBRA Elite Viper UncleHappy
Mercer Renegade KrushViper
Mercer Slaughter Renegade/Black Ops DavAnthony
Mercer Ex-Viper Die Hunn
Mercer (update) Counter Terrorist Expert UncleHappy
Nomad Renegade Enforcer alleyviperelite
Red Dog Slaughters Renegades Oneforceleader
Ripcord HALO Jumper breaker819
Taurus Renegade 25th Style Oneforceleader
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