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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Back Up Concept Renegade OreoBuilder
Barbecue Firefighter Iron Will
Diablo Renegades team 2 Oneforceleader
Flint Warrant Officer Iron Will
Knuckles Renegade/Ex- Dreadnok MobileBattleBunker
Lone Wolf Disavowed G.I. Joe Operative snowman_ejc
Mercer GI Joe Redemption Squad Leader bucky
Mercer Renegade 25th style Oneforceleader
Mercer Ex-COBRA Elite Viper UncleHappy
Mercer Renegade KrushViper
Mercer Slaughter Renegade/Black Ops DavAnthony
Mercer Ex-Viper Die Hunn
Mercer Ex-Viper Renegade Vanishing Point
Mercer (update) Counter Terrorist Expert UncleHappy
Nomad Renegade Enforcer alleyviperelite
Red Dog Slaughters Renegades Oneforceleader
Red Dog Renegade Vanishing Point
Ripcord HALO Jumper breaker819
Taurus Renegade 25th Style Oneforceleader
Taurus Renegade Vanishing Point
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