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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Icecreamman International Covert Operative icecreamman
Chief Spacer drbindy
Condor Helicopter Pilot Stalker
Dan L4D: Zombie Mythology and Lore Expert (geek) DanOfTheDead
DanOfTheDead Laser Wars Field Engineer DanOfTheDead
Darkwise Mercenary Jogunwarrior
Dr. Bindy Mad Scientist drbindy
Frontline Ranger Jogunwarrior
Frontline Battle Corps Ranger Jogunwarrior
Iron Will Absconder / Firearms Specialist Iron Will
John Mallamas; aka Jin Saotome Freelance Customizer Jin saotome
Mac Computer Graphic Design Poody2
Mac (Self Custom) Not your average Joe-ette MacGyver
Mysterious Stranger Paladin Knight (EXCAL) drbindy
Officer Jonn Space Station Security/"Zombie Guide" drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 04 - Ultimate/HACKS drbindy
Pluv, aka J.G. Pluvinski Owner of Joe's Cantina drbindy
Pointblank Sniper Jogunwarrior
Pointblank Marauders Sniper Jogunwarrior
Poody2 Pit Security Poody2
Radar Drone Operator Dusty79
Scorpio Regular Version bcost74
Sgt Stryker Recondo (Desert Patrol) snowman_ejc
Sgt Stryker Steel Brigade Commander snowman_ejc
Shaggy P. Rogers Embodiment of time, space, and reality. ShaggyP
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