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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Back-Stop Slaughters Mauraders HEXEVO
Backblast Marauders Equalizer Operator Jogunwarrior
Deep Six Slaughter's Marauders Deep Sea Diver Grand Slam
Gnaw Slaughter's Marauders Sniper Muskrat
Gung-Ho Slaughters Mauraders HEXEVO
Iceberg Marauders Infantry Jogunwarrior
Leatherneck Marauders Jungle Warfare Jogunwarrior
Lifeline Marauders Medical Expert Jogunwarrior
Low-Light Slaughter's Marauders Night Spotter russdawg
Low-Light Operation: Dragonfire brothervoodoo
Lt. Falcon Slaughters Mauraders HEXEVO
Outback Marauders Survival Expert Jogunwarrior
Red Dog Sgt. Slaughters Renegades Dr Joe
Sgt Slaughter Marauders Leader Jogunwarrior
Sgt. Savage Screaming Eagles Commander Vanishing Point
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Sergeant The Gooch
Sgt. Slaughter Slaughter's Marauders Commander russdawg
Snow Job Slaughters Mauraders HEXEVO
Taurus Night Force / Tiger Force / Steel Brigade Midgarn
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