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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Faces Undercover Spy pluv
Agent Faces Venom vs. Valor Infiltrator chad_ghost
Barrel Roll High-Altitude Sniper Die Hunn
Barrel Roll High Altitude Marksman OreoBuilder
Barrel Roll Battle Ranger Sniper Jogunwarrior
Big Brawler Neo Viper Spy Troop ibps
Black Out Sniper Pyre
Black Out Cobra Sniper Tunnel Rat
Blackout Sniper HypnoHustler
Blackout Sniper OreoBuilder
Cross Hair Infiltrator/Sniper Pyre
Cross Hair Sniper / Infiltrator Die Hunn
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions Pyre
Destro Crime Boss Lance Sputnik
Detroit Mechanic Electric_Knight
Duke Infiltration of Cobra Island Matthew
Firefly Saboteur monkeyboy
Grunt Spytroop Gear CDR
Grunt C.L.A.W. SpyTroop ibps
Grunt Under Cover Inflitration Agent Zerro
Gung-Ho Infiltration of Cobra Island Matthew
Gung-Ho Spy Troop Infiltrator ibps
Heavy Duty Valor vs Venom Heavy Ordnance Trooper OreoBuilder
Heavy Duty Spy Troops Heavy Ordnance Trooper OreoBuilder
Krake Crimson (Guard) Commander Vanishing Point
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