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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Venom Secret Avenger icecreamman
Agent Zero Mercenary / former government operative Tim 121RVC
Antman Avenger Poody2
Aquaman Justice League member pluv
Asami Koizumi Hero Iron Will
Batgirl, a.k.a. Barbara Gordon Fighter for Justice, Paladin Trainee (EXCAL) drbindy
Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon Crime Fighter (EXCAL v.2) drbindy
Batman EXCAL Shadow Knight drbindy
Batman Caped Crusader unknownsoldier13
Batman The Dark Knight icecreamman
Batman Dark Knight, Black Suit drbindy
Batman Dark Knight, Grey Suit drbindy
Birdman Justice... and Birds drbindy
Black Canary Vigilante Songstress Spin Doctor
Black Canary EXCAL Paladin drbindy
Blade Vampire Hunter Tiger Boy
Blade Paranormal Kilcarr
Blue Falcon Hanna Barbera superheo pluv
Bruce Wayne Bat Cave Training and Research drbindy
BulletBat Super Adventure Team Member Joeczar
Bulletman Super Hero and Adventurer toy-nutz
Buzzy Stinging Sidekick joemichaels70
Captain America Earth X last hope Vanishing Point
Captain America Freedom Fighter Iron Will
Captain America Super Soldier Kilcarr
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