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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
April O'Neil Chanel 6 Reporter OreoBuilder
Bebop Master Thief Vanishing Point
Bebop Bully Rambo
Bebop Dreadnok Punk DanOfTheDead
Dice COBRA/FOOT Clan Liason DanOfTheDead
Foot Clan Soldier Ninja Foot Soldier Vanishing Point
FOOT Soldiers Hi-Tech Ninja Mercenaries DanOfTheDead
Foot Soldiers Minions of Shredder OreoBuilder
Krang Murderer sgcaper
Krang's Android Body Evil Rule from Dimension X DanOfTheDead
Metalhead TMNT ROBOT Vanishing Point
Rocksteady Mutated Rhinoceros DanOfTheDead
Rocksteady Dreadnok Heavy Weapons DanOfTheDead
Rocksteady KGB Thug Vanishing Point
Rocksteady Dreadnok Enforcer Mainframe
Shredder Master of the Foot Clan customgijoes
Splinter Ninja Master pluv
The Shredder FOOT Clan Master DanOfTheDead
The Shredder Foot Clan High Lord Vanishing Point
Triceraton Dimension X Soldier bucky
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