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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Faces Master of Disguise icecreamman
Chicklets Undercover Lance Sputnik
Chuckles Undercover Spin Doctor
Chuckles Undercover/CID nighthawk
Chuckles Undercover Agent snowman_ejc
Doctor Mindbender Bronx Zoo Undercover Lance Sputnik
Hourglass Double Agent Lance Sputnik
Jinx Undercover Operative Lance Sputnik
Knighthawk Series 04 - Undercover EXCAL Agent drbindy
Knighthawk, Tristan Knight Series 03 - EXCAL Civilian Ops drbindy
Lady Jaye Retaliation formal attire pluv
Mace Undercover Operative HypnoHustler
Outback Scout Leader Tim 121RVC
Rufus Lynx Charlotte Bobcats mascot Tim 121RVC
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