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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ahmad Best Jar Jar Binks Lance Sputnik
Airtight Hostile Environment Stalker
Airtight Hostile Environment past nastification
Airtight Hostile Environment Specialist Lance Sputnik
Alexander McCullen Destro, Jr. past nastification
Alexander McCullen Iron Grenadier Commander alleyviperelite
Ali Bombay Research and Development past nastification
Anthony Daniels C3PO Lance Sputnik
Ashiko Armored Martial Arts past nastification
Barbecue Firefighter Lance Sputnik
Barbecue Fire Fighter Stalker
Baron Ironblood Leader of the Red Shadows LIVEVIL
Baroness Cobra's Iintelligence Officer NIKOLAI
Beach Head Ranger Keenan
Beach Head Ranger Jay
Beach Head Ranger Spin Doctor
Beach Head Ranger - Desert Assault kowalski
Beach Head Ranger sgartz
Beach Head Ranger Keenan
Beach Head U.S. Army Ranger (Ultimate Version) ADC MEMBER
Beach Head Unmasked Airborne Ranger Roadblock528
Beachhead Ranger (unmasked) the_faceless_master
Big Boa Trainer Lance Sputnik
Billy Awesome being awesome danielb
Boris Bushkin with Snowpack Research & Development past nastification
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