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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Artur Kulik Red Shadows Agent past nastification
Bishop Time Traveler mike time
Cable Cyborg Commando CDR
Chamber Mutant Lance Sputnik
Charles "Professor X" Xavier Professor / Telepath joemichaels70
Colossus Weapon-X Breacher DanOfTheDead
Cyclops Weapon-X Spotter DanOfTheDead
Dazzler Mutant Hero, Singer joemichaels70
Dazzler Marvel X-Men Mutant pluv
Deadpool Merc with the Mouth drbindy
Domino Mercenary Tiger Boy
Domino Mercenary Lance Sputnik
Domino X-Soldier joemichaels70
Domino Mercenary Lance Sputnik
Emma Frost EXCAL Mentalist Recruit drbindy
Gambit Thief Lance Sputnik
Gambit X- Man Dark Horse
Iceman X- Man Dark Horse
Jubilee Mutant Lance Sputnik
Mr Sinister Genetic Manipulation mike time
Nightcrawler Weapon-X Infiltrator DanOfTheDead
Nightcrawler X- man Dark Horse
Professor Charles Xavier Mutant Mentor/EXCAL Advisor drbindy
Psylock Mutant Sharkbait
Psylocke X-man/ Excalibur Member Dark Horse
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