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Thumbnail Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.V.A.C. Coil Pilot Turbo_Magnus
Abutre Negro
Abutre Negro South American Cobra Official General Hawk
Big Boa
Big Boa Hand to Hand Fighter alleyviperelite
C.O.I.L. Coil B.A.T. aci1985
Coil Serpentor's Personal Guard Spin Doctor
COIL Elite Guardsman
COIL Elite Guardsman Espionage / Terror Sgt Humpty
Coil Guard
Coil Guard Elite Shock Trooper Dayspring
Coil Officer
Coil Officer Coil Officer past nastification
Coil Serpents
Coil Serpents Infantry Captain Tazer
Coil Trooper
Coil Trooper Coil Trooper past nastification
Coil Trooper
Coil Trooper Infantry HypnoHustler
Coil Troopers
Coil Troopers Foot Soldier of Serpentor FireFly
Coil Viper
Coil Viper Sepentors Personalized Guard theunknown
Coils Baroness
Coils Baroness Coils Intelligence Officer ZombieGuide
Comm.-Serpents Communications Captain Tazer
Constrictor COIL Advance Recon/Covert Ops Specialist GITrekker
Dr. Mindbender
Dr. Mindbender Chief scientist of the Coil Captain Tazer
Emperor's Royal Vipers
Emperor's Royal Vipers Serpentor's Personal Bodyguards KrymsynGard666
Escorpaio Voador
Escorpaio Voador South American Cobra Operative General Hawk
General Kobra Khan
General Kobra Khan Serpentor Reborn Dayspring
General Maximus
General Maximus Serpentor's General Dayspring
Hannibal Coil Command aci1985
Julius Coil Council Command aci1985
Jurgen Schrage
Jurgen Schrage Mercenary Rasputin
Laser Trooper
Laser Trooper Advanced Coil Soldier Dayspring
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