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Thumbnail Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. Terrorist joemichaels70
Udo Mercenary Lance Sputnik
UFO Alien
UFO Alien Invader Kambei
Ultimate Baron Helmut Zemo
Ultimate Baron Helmut Zemo Scientific Mastermind iwbeta
Ultimate Beetle
Ultimate Beetle Power Armor Operator iwbeta
Ultimate Black Knight
Ultimate Black Knight Armored Warrior iwbeta
Ultimate Chameleon
Ultimate Chameleon Master of Disguise iwbeta
Ultimate Moonstone
Ultimate Moonstone SHIELD Psychologist iwbeta
Ultimate Skurge
Ultimate Skurge Executioner of Asgard iwbeta
Ultimate Superstar Lance Muscles Sputnik
Ultimate Superstar Lance Muscles Sputnik JCW Superstar - Calendar Shoot Lance Sputnik
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior Wrestler Rambo
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior warrior nation 2DARK2C
ULTIMATUM Trooper Terrorist mshadow
UltraVision Your Robot Overlord joemichaels70
Ultron Killer Robot joemichaels70
Ultron Adamantium Super Villain Dark Horse
Ultron Mark 1
Ultron Mark 1 Evil Sentient Robot joemichaels70
Ultron V2
Ultron V2 Killer Robot joemichaels70
Ulysse GIGN / Diplomatic security blaster_e11
Uncle Redd
Uncle Redd Red Skull Death Squad 2DARK2C
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Freedom Fighter Iron Will
Underground Fixer HypnoHustler
Union Jack
Union Jack WWII Superhero gijoey
Union Jack
Union Jack Rogue SAS Team 1 Agent raptor
Union Jack
Union Jack Vigilante Lance Sputnik
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