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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Black Mage Black Magic Adherent a.dream.deferred
Charcoal Fireman/Flamethrower a.dream.deferred
The Brazilian Steel Cobra a.dream.deferred
Cobra Dive Team - Diver & Lamprey Officer Special Cobra Dive Team a.dream.deferred
Cobra MP Cobra Military Police a.dream.deferred
Cobra MP Ver. II Cobra Military Police a.dream.deferred
Cobra Pond Scum Cobra contaminated water combat diver a.dream.deferred
Crimson Guard Cobra Elite Trooper a.dream.deferred
Desert Scorpion Cobra desert trooper a.dream.deferred
Desert Scorpion Desert Trooper a.dream.deferred
Destro Old school. a.dream.deferred
Destro Enemy Weapons Supplier a.dream.deferred
Doorman & Canary Ebaola task force a.dream.deferred
Eel Another Minor Alteration (LBC) a.dream.deferred
Escorpiao Voador Patrulha Do Ar a.dream.deferred
Flak Viper Anti-Aircraft a.dream.deferred
Fred Broca Cobra Crimson Guardsman in civilian clothes a.dream.deferred
Incinerators Cobra Flamethrower a.dream.deferred
Interrogator Cobra Interrogator a.dream.deferred
Lampreys Cobra Sailor a.dream.deferred
Night Creeper Cobra's private military contractor a.dream.deferred
Ninja Ku Ninja a.dream.deferred
Ninja Viper Cobra Ninja a.dream.deferred
Pythona Courtesan of Cobra-La a.dream.deferred
Range Viper Recon Patrol Scout a.dream.deferred
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