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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Guerrilla Labotarory Cobra Research and Development Center TARGAT
Cobra Headquarters Base for all Evil BaronTexas12
Cobra HYDRA Heavily Defended Resupply Armaments Platform curator
Cobra Ice Mountain Arctic Base mshadow
Cobra Industries Research Facility pharmaceutical research center Figureware
Cobra Island Coastal Defense Cobra Island Anti-Aircraft Battery OreoBuilder
Cobra Island ESU Raid Rear entry guarded in alley bcost74
Cobra Island_Phase 1 Cobra Battle Bunker Lone Wolfe
Cobra Jungle Base Observation Jungle Base TARGAT
Cobra La Cobra La cobra_khan
Cobra lab Birth place of crime stormtrooper12
Cobra Lagoon Watch Tower For Surveillance of all incoming boat traffic HoleSnipe
Cobra Mountain Cobra Headquarters crimson jackal
Cobra Mountain A Vital Stronghold To Cobra. TOOL
Cobra Mountain Ultimate Cobra Playset OreoBuilder
Cobra Mountain side door An alternate entrance to Cobra Mountain ickzer1
Cobra Ninja Dojo Training Facility CptObvious
Cobra Pul-Pit It's Cobra's very own amphitheater. Shipwrecked85
Cobra Pyramid Hidden Desert Base GI_Pacman
Cobra Radar Station Mobile Radar Emplacement OreoBuilder
Cobra Research Facility research and develpment gunzlingr
Cobra S.W.A.T. Platform Cobra Snow Water Air Tactical Platform apacolypse
Cobra Strategy Room Tactical and Strategic Planning Area OreoBuilder
Cobra Temple Cobra Temple SSgt Groover
Cobra Temple Base of Operations Jimbotron
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