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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Mjolnir's Fall!" Asgardian Relic The Spectre
"The Altar Of Bah-Nurr!" Gamma Radiating Danger From Space! The Spectre
3060 Jump Gate Interdimensional portal Dark Horse
70s Horror Film Homage 70s Style Horror Film Scene bcost74
Achak's Cabin Balance between Modern and Ancient Worlds Rasputin
Adventure Team Naval HQ Adventure Team Headquarters OreoBuilder
Agamotto the All-Seeing One of the Eternal Vishanti Kambei
AIM Lab - SHIELD Assemble! SHIELD Shoebox Diorama joemichaels70
Alpine Checkpoint Security deadfish
Altar of Blades Custom edged weapons display 2DARK2C
Arashikage dojo training facility Figureware
Archery Target Place for arrows to hit pluv
Arctic Turret Defense 105mm turret mounted gun deadfish
Atonement and Penance Guardian Statues DanOfTheDead
ATR Santa Sack Providing Good Cheer to Survivors sgcaper
Badlands Old West landscape 2DARK2C
Ballista Crossbow and Jousting Target Siege Ranged Weapon and Mounted Target pluv
Bat Cave Dark Knight HQ icecreamman
Batcave Modular set for different eras drbindy
BatCave data files Drake werewolf
Battlefield Ruins - Walls Background Accessories DanOfTheDead
Blood and Sand Gladiators Lord Bodega
Blue Breacher Heavy Artilery Drone sgcaper
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