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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Mjolnir's Fall!" Asgardian Relic The Spectre
Adventure Team Naval HQ Adventure Team Headquarters OreoBuilder
Alpha Complex A base of operations at Checkpoint Alpha. Shipwrecked85
Bivouac Forward Operations Command Center Stormavik
Cobra Auto Repair Shop Auto Customizing War282008
Cobra Island_Phase 1 Cobra Battle Bunker Lone Wolfe
Cobra Pyramid Hidden Desert Base GI_Pacman
Cobra Research Facility research and develpment gunzlingr
Cobra Temple II Cobra Temple Phase 2 kramer 70
Cobra Transportable Tactical Battle Platform Defense and Support Desert Cat
Control Room Communication and control equipment ToneGuns
Fort Pimentel Custom Base my nephew & I built Joe Delta
G.I.Joe HeadQuarters Medical facility hawkeyehicks
Hawk's Office Staff Meeting Cobra Island Invasion hawkeyehicks
Headquarters GI Joe main base canesfan0425
HYDRA Lab - Invaders Assemble! Invaders "Shoebox" Diorama joemichaels70
Igloo Arctic Bunker vintagetoystuff
Primitive Sacrificial Altar Sacrifice For The Dark Ones! The Spectre
Python Patrol Terrodrome V1.5 Python Patrol Base of Operations Python Viper
S.E.A.L. Barge S.E.A.L Team Re-arming and Launching Platform Electric_Knight
Spark Distribution Center (Broca Beach) Run down building to sell Spark/ hideout Figureware
Supply Depot Mission Prep hawkeyehicks
Swamp Base A place for the dreadnoks to lay low. Splintershins
WARDEN S.T.A.G Team Outpost zorpoxthedestroyer
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