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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Arashikage dojo training facility Figureware
ARBCO Warehouse Evil Hideout of Cobra-The Enemy! Macrossmaster
Arboc Corp. Headquarters It will make a snake feel at home. Malahmen
Cobra Auto Repair Shop Auto Customizing War282008
Cobra Headquarters Base for all Evil BaronTexas12
Cobra Industries Research Facility pharmaceutical research center Figureware
Cobra Island ESU Raid Rear entry guarded in alley bcost74
Cobra Mountain side door An alternate entrance to Cobra Mountain ickzer1
Desert ops mission Dirty job eesa
Extensive Enterprises Holding Company Iron Will
Fort G.I. Joe Joe Base Collection Zephyr1999
HYDRA Lab - Invaders Assemble! Invaders "Shoebox" Diorama joemichaels70
Joe HQ Command center Badvibes258
Mall of Springfield A good little place to relax and shop! Figureware
Mortar Town Combat damaged building ShaggyP
Red Rocket Restaurant Extensive Enterprises Fast Food Chain Iron Will
Small Warehouse Temporary Hideout Midgarn
Spark Distribution Center (Broca Beach) Run down building to sell Spark/ hideout Figureware
Springfield Main Street Springfield; A nice place to Live Figureware
Stargate Command Gateroom Offworld Exploration and Defense Cap
Stark Industries Hall of Armor Invasion of the Bad Guys joemichaels70
Zombie Alley Dead End DanOfTheDead
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