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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Airplane Interior Soundstage for C-130 or Tomahawk Midgarn
Alpha Complex A base of operations at Checkpoint Alpha. Shipwrecked85
Battle Position dirt wall deadfish
Checkpoint Delta G.I. Joe checkpoint Splintershins
Cobra Fortress Cobra's Secret Base Inside Cobra Mountain russdawg
Cobra lab Birth place of crime stormtrooper12
Cobra Mountain Cobra Headquarters crimson jackal
Cobra Throne Room Cobra Commander's Public Address throne russdawg
Cobra Troop Assembly Room Cobra Fortress russdawg
Cobra Underground Base Cobra Command Support Ice
Fort Pimentel Custom Base my nephew & I built Joe Delta
G.I. Joe Headquaters Playmat hi_101
G.I. Joe Jungle Base Observation Jungle Base TARGAT
Guard Tower First Defense for the Castle Lavey 2DARK2C
Hometown Hero HQ Makeshift base of operations Shipwrecked85
PIT Commo Room Modular Indoor Setting Example Midgarn
Small Warehouse Temporary Hideout Midgarn
Terrorist Camp training ground for new terrorists Midgarn
The Talon - Captain's Cabin Percy Ajax's Quarters drbindy
WARDEN S.T.A.G Team Outpost zorpoxthedestroyer
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