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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Mjolnir's Fall!" Asgardian Relic The Spectre
"The Altar Of Bah-Nurr!" Gamma Radiating Danger From Space! The Spectre
Abandoned Rolling Thunder Cobra Island Vehicle Diorama Short Bus Kustoms
Arashikage Dojo Diorama's RichardCW
Atonement and Penance Guardian Statues DanOfTheDead
BPRD Diorama Display Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense joemichaels70
Cobra Command Compound From the upcoming Darkness Falls Dio-Story General Hawk
COBRA COMMANDER Vanity Statue Tribute to COBRA Leader in Marble DanOfTheDead
Cobra Display Shelf Project Re-Purpose joemichaels70
Cobra Temple II Cobra Temple Phase 2 kramer 70
Correctional Facility Correctional Facility Photo Backdrop Dusty79
Crusader Shuttle Launch Complex Gi Joe Star Brigade Short Bus Kustoms
Custom Gi Joe Lighted Display Case Custom built display with LED lights drgeary77
Dockside Alley Zombie Viper Elimination DavisT78
Every Knee Shall Bow Religious soldier scene turner
G.I.Joe HeadQuarters Medical facility hawkeyehicks
Hawk's Office Staff Meeting Cobra Island Invasion hawkeyehicks
HYDRA Lab - Invaders Assemble! Invaders "Shoebox" Diorama joemichaels70
Missile Command Headquarter PHASE I Top Secret Missile Silo DanOfTheDead
Mortar Town Combat damaged building ShaggyP
Multi-Purpose Base Hanger, motorpool, Command Center, etc Jogunwarrior
Primitive Sacrificial Altar Sacrifice For The Dark Ones! The Spectre
Springfield Main Street Springfield; A nice place to Live Figureware
Springfield-Cobra Bunker Diorama Gijoeking
Stark Industries Hall of Armor Invasion of the Bad Guys joemichaels70
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