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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"C.H.P." California Harbor Patrol Hovercraft Harbor & Shoreline Lawenforcement Patrol NIKOLAI
1036 HMMWV Fast attack with M242 Bushmaster balashivo
25th Conquest X-30 Aircraft figther CNK01
25th SHARC Aerosubmarine figther CNK01
5150 S.W.A.T. Hummer The pros from Dover
A-10 Thunderbolt Ground Attack Jet carnage717
A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Attack Jet RgrFett
A-10 Warthog Bomber / Fighter Jet carnage717
A-10J Dire Wolf Vertical Takeoff and Landing A-10 Dusty79
A-TRAP ALl-Terrain Recon Assault Patrol vehicle SOCOM 6
A.I.F.V. Rhino Amphibious Fighting Vehicle nighthawk
A.N.T. Armored Nano Tank indrox1
A.T.A.V Adventure Team Artic Vehicle toy-nutz
A.T.A.V (Urban Strike Ver.2) All Terrain Assault Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
A.V.T.F. Killer W.H.A.L.E. Recon & Surveillance of Cobra operations NIKOLAI
A.W.E. Striker Jungle Camo evilsliderboy
A.W.E. Striker Desert Camo/All-Weather & Environment vehicle Cybertronian
A.W.E. Striker MkII All Weather and Environment Assault Vehicle tristanx
A10 Thunderbolt Jet Snake-eyes01
AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle abdielo
AC 130 Spectre Gunship Force protection and air interdiction Selective Compression
Advanced Tactical Fighters Air superiority fighter program AntonioDR
Adventure Team 6-Wheeler 50th Anniversary Secret of the Mummy's Tomb OreoBuilder
Adventure Team 6wd ATV Multi-purpose All Terrain Vehicle pluv
Adventure Team Boat 50th Anniversary Capture of the Pygmy Gorilla OreoBuilder
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