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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
1966 Batmobile Crime-Fighting Vehicle Outback
A-10 Warthog Resistance fighter/ bomber Dark Horse
Adventure Team Helicopter Adventure Team Air Transport mshadow
Adventure Team Moon Buggy Sweet Ride joemichaels70
Adventure Team Radar Rat PacRat joemichaels70
Adventure Team Rescue 4x4 Rapid Response Rescue Vehicle Dusty79
Air Rescue Copter Adventure People Rescue Copter OreoBuilder
Albatross Adventure Team Air Transport OreoBuilder
Alley Cat Urban Assault Vehicle Oneforceleader
Angel of Death Guntruck Resistance Fighters -- 3rd NC Raleigh Raiders C130IM
Armadillo Battle Truck general havoc
Armed Force Combat Tank Iron Will
Armoured Scorpion High speed, armoured assault vehicle bcost74
Attack raft fast boat 2DARK2C
Autobot Broadside Naval Commander Vanishing Point
Bandit 1 East Bound and Down joemichaels70
Bat Bot Batman's Mech Keenan
Batbike Batman's two wheeler ben1138
Batmobile Batman's driving arsenal ben1138
Batmobile Dark Knight Transportation sgcaper
BatTank, v1 Batman's Way of Emphasizing His Intent AdrienVeidt
Battle Buzzard Post Apocolyptic Half Track Wrecker indrox1
Battle Force 2000 Centurion Tank Main Battle Tank Blood Brigade
Big Jim's Sports Camper Wilderness Recreation Vehicle OreoBuilder
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