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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Hummer Post-event roaming the wasteland 2DARK2C
Humungus F100 Wasteland Marauder Dark Horse
Japanese Self Defense Force Vehicle Light Armored Vehicle Gramps
Johnny Blaze Motorcycle Spirit of Vengeance icecreamman
Landing Vehicle Tracked Assault troop and fire support vehicle Keenan
Lawmaster Judge Dredd Motorcycle Iron Will
Longsword Mobile Armored Assault Truck Phobus
M.A.R.S. Alphastrike Tactical Missile Delivery Vehicle Phobus
M.A.R.S. Interceptor High Speed Ground Interference Vehicle Phobus
Mark VII tank Indiana Jones and the last crusade tank Dark Horse
MASK Gator off road vehicle with hydroplane DREMEL
MASK T-Bob scooter robot DREMEL
Mask Thunderhawk sports car/ gull wing fighter jet DREMEL
Mine cart Moving dirt and rocks Lance Sputnik
Ombudsmen H2 Inconspicious Transport bcost74
Phoenix Science Ninja Team Transport Iron Will
Picaro Amiga's Ride joemichaels70
PMP 600 Custom Figure and Package design bcost74
Prowl Transformer FNAadventures
Rabid Bear Assault Mech Infantry Support and Reconnaissance C130IM
Rhino Battle Tank/ Apc general havoc
Robin's Redbird Cycle Sidekick Vehicle of Justice! AdrienVeidt
Safari Expedition Utility Vehicle OreoBuilder
Santa's "Sleigh" Christmas Commando Tank Mysterious Stranger
Santa's Super Sleigh JCW entrance ramp Lance Sputnik
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