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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A-10 Thunderbolt Ground Attack Jet carnage717
A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Attack Jet RgrFett
A-10 Warthog Bomber / Fighter Jet carnage717
A-10 Warthog Resistance fighter/ bomber Dark Horse
A-10J Dire Wolf Vertical Takeoff and Landing A-10 Dusty79
A-TRAP ALl-Terrain Recon Assault Patrol vehicle SOCOM 6
A.I.F.V. Rhino Amphibious Fighting Vehicle nighthawk
A.N.T. Armored Nano Tank indrox1
A.S.P. Urban Supression Otto the Otter
A.S.P.II Anti armour Mech G.I.JAC
A.T.A.V Adventure Team Artic Vehicle toy-nutz
A.T.A.V (Urban Strike Ver.2) All Terrain Assault Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
A.T.U.V. Urban Guerrilla TARGAT
A.V.A.P. Alley Viper Assault Pod qeelocke
A.V.T.F. Killer W.H.A.L.E. Recon & Surveillance of Cobra operations NIKOLAI
A.W.E. Striker Jungle Camo evilsliderboy
A.W.E. Striker Desert Camo/All-Weather & Environment vehicle Cybertronian
A.W.E. Striker MkII All Weather and Environment Assault Vehicle tristanx
A/EH-7CU Wyvern Attack/Reconnaissance Helicopter tristanx
A10 Thunderbolt Jet Snake-eyes01
AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle abdielo
AC 130 Spectre Gunship Force protection and air interdiction Selective Compression
Action Force SAS Panther Modern Era Update bcost74
Adder Crimson Guard Mini Tank Tunnel Rat
Adder II Quick Strike Missile Launcher Crimsonguard325
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