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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Devilfish 1 Sea Devils Coastal Patrol Craft Kwinn_Lives
Devilfish 2 Sea Devils Riverine Patrol Craft Kwinn_Lives
Devilfish 3 Sea Devils Coastal Attack Craft Kwinn_Lives
Devilfish 4 Sea Devils Riverine Attack Craft Kwinn_Lives
Devilfish 5 Sea Devils Covert Insertion Craft Kwinn_Lives
Diamondback Cargo/Troop Transport Plane tkjaer21
Diamondback Rattler Wild Weasel's Private Dogfighter Vanishing Point
Dictator ARES Luxury Command/Parade Car DanOfTheDead
Dino Wagon Dino Hunters chad_ghost
Dinobuster Dino Hunter All Terrain Vehicle Jogunwarrior
Dinofox Dino Hunter Jogunwarrior
Dire Wolf Faulkner Group Multi Purpose Attack Vehicle Phobus
Disseminator Infantry Transport ramonesbootlegs
Doc's Recon & Rescue G.I. Joe Ambulance Team tkjaer21
Dolphin High Speed Scout Hovercraft FireFly
Dolphin Coastal Rescue Helicopter pluv
Dolphin Attack Submarine Fast Attack Submarine Mysterious Stranger
Dolphin's Personal Stingray Q-Force Davisgrayson
Dominator AIFV Amphibious Infantry Support Vehicle Jogunwarrior
Dominator Ground Unit Cobra Mobile Missile Command Base Alpha 02
Doug General Abernathy's Private Vehicle FNAadventures
DPV MK II Desert Patrol Vehicle Mark 2 ogre_h
Dr. MindSNAKE Mobile Engram Storage Unit Joeczar
Dragon Hawk One man VTOL joefan80
Dragon's FANG Assault Helo Otto the Otter
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