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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
G. I. Joe River Patrol Boat RP-3 Brown water patrol sgcaper
G. I. Joe River Patrol Boat RP-4 Brown Water Patrol sgcaper
G.I Joe Hummer Joe Humvee zorpoxthedestroyer
G.I. Joe Desert L.A.V. Infantry support TK1945
G.I.Joe GATOR Dual-Mode Attack Vehicle J_Man
GANTRY DEFENDER 2nd Generation VAMP anti-aircraft defender g.i. joeian
Gator Traxx Recon and surveillance indrox1
Gator-Vamp MASK update DREMEL
Gears Autobot Engineer Vanishing Point
German Flying Wing German air support Keenan
Ghost Condor Night Watch Air Support FNAadventures
Ghost Rider II Motorcycle Spirit of Vengeance Motorcycle icecreamman
Ghost Runner Outer Rim Runners Ship Oneforceleader
GhostStriker F-16 (Hi-Lo strategy) Multi-role fighter AntonioDR
GI JOE Amtrak APC Troop Carrier Blood Brigade
GI Joe H.I.S.S. Resistance's Battle Tank canprime
Gi Joe Sand Strider Frame Desert Operations Battloid Unit ickzer1
GI Joe Train Gi Joe Supply Vehicle OreoBuilder
GI Joe Train Supply and Transport don_csx
Gibli scout car Desert recce vehicle lavenderlad
Glasnost Oktober Guard Jeep GI_Pacman
Gnawgahydes Ryde poaching truck Figureware
Goanna Ground Mobility Vehicle Die Hunn
Golden Goose Ultralight fighter jet DREMEL
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