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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
iBender Auditory Recon/APC Lance Sputnik
Ice Cutter Tank and Flight Pod Trubble Bubble Ice cutter and battering ram vehicle CobraTheSilencer
Ice Dagger Cold Weather/Arctic Combat Otto the Otter
ICE MAMMOTH long range anti tank support artic use nath_1977
IDHTWAMM Cobra Commander's Chariot qeelocke
iHammer Tracked Vehicle, Hammer, Improved R/C 5AgainstOne
Impactor Amphibious Assault Hooper_X
Infiltrator Assault and Infiltration vehicle icecreamman
Insecticycle Cobra-La Fast Attack Vehicle Kwinn_Lives
Interceptor Mad Max's ride 2DARK2C
Interceptor VAMP Last of the V8s HypnoHustler
Intruder Motorbike of Chaos icecreamman
Intruder II Light all-weather attack aircraft AntonioDR
Iron A.S.P. Castle Destro Defense rzubr72
Iron BUGG Amphibious Blood Brigade
Iron Bull Dreadnok vehicle kramer 70
Iron Dropship Iron Grenadier Transport ToneGuns
Iron Fist Iron Grenadier Artillery Whargoul44
Iron Grenadier Dominator Helicopter/Tank Whargoul44
Iron Grenadier HISS Tank Joemotionvideos82
Iron Grenadier HISS Tank Iron Grenadier High Speed Sentry Whargoul44
Iron Grenadier Iron Anvil Hight Tech Tank Blood Brigade
Iron Grenadier Mamba IG Helicopter Python Viper
Iron Grenadier's SMASHER Mechsuit ramonesbootlegs
Iron Griffin M.A.R.S. sponsored RAMJet bike pluv
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