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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
M-826 Cargo truck Soviet Combat Support balashivo
M-HISS Mini-tank Cobrafirefly84
M.A.C. Mechanized Assault Combatant Wounded Warrior Mech indrox1
M.A.R.S. Alphastrike Tactical Missile Delivery Vehicle Phobus
M.A.R.S. Interceptor High Speed Ground Interference Vehicle Phobus
M.A.R.S. Intruder VTOL Fighter Phobus
M.E.G.A.T.R.O.N. Teaming up with Destro to rule the world. 80s Child
M.O.B.A.T. Desert Operations Tank DavisT78
M.O.B.A.T. II Desert Motorized Battle Tank abdielo
M.U.L.E. Salvage Vehicle Blood Brigade
M.U.T.T. Multi Utility Transport Truck Blood Brigade
M1 Abrams Battle Tank abdielo
M1 Abrams tank 1/6th custom built tank alien matt
M1A3x Grizzly Ground Attack spaincustoms
M274 Military Mule 1/2 ton 4wd Army workhorse bcost74
M9111 Badger TUV Transport Utility Vehicle tristanx
Maggot 3rd Cobra Armored Corps Tank Artillery deadfish
MAGGOT Cobra Mobile Artillery OreoBuilder
Maggot MK 2 Tank Warfare Blood Brigade
Magpie Raider attack jet DREMEL
Man-O-War Observation Submarine sgcaper
Maniac 2 Mobile Armed Night Interceptor A-Class Phobus
Manta Ray Cobra Island Patrol canprime
Manta Ray Mk2 Rapid deploy / light armor raft Midgarn
Marauder Gunship Ground Attack, Covert Insertion Raphmeister
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