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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Razor Gunship Cobra Gunship Darko
Reaper SWARM Aerial Drone Dusty79
Rebel Attack Bike Modern Cavalry Vehicle G.I.JAC
Recon Ratbike Recon Bike cuervo
Recon Stryker Cycle Desert & Urban recon, security and striker Rick Wheeler
Red Shadow Glider ATTACK GLIDER J_Man
Red Shadows Escape Armour 2.0 Red Laser's robotic suit Joeczar
Red Shadows Flight Pod Aerial Single-manned Attack Vehicle UncleHappy
Red Terror Nuclear powered tripod Dark Horse
Redlegs Crimson Guard Artillery Section ebola
Retaliator Multi-Role Helicopter Kwinn_Lives
Rhino Battle Tank/ Apc general havoc
Rhino A.I.F.V. Amphibius infantry fighting vehicle deadfish
Rhino Mk II BattleForce 2100 APC AdrienVeidt
Rhino Urban Stryker Specialized Urban Assault Vehicle & Team Rick Wheeler
RINO Urban Halftrack TankTop
River Commando Patrol Sgt Rock Set OreoBuilder
Road Crusher Dreadnok Rapid Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
Road Master All-Terrain Vehicle ironblood
Roadrunner Reconnaissance Motorcycle Kwinn_Lives
Robin's Redbird Cycle Sidekick Vehicle of Justice! AdrienVeidt
ROC Night Spectre One man fighter nighthawk
Rock Slide Arctic atv vehicle CNK01
Rocket Drone Blowing stuff up. sgcaper
Rolling Terror Complex Mobile Launch-base Captain Tazer
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