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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
W.H.A.L.E. Type CV (Vehicle Carrier) Deploy light vehicles into combat! Davestro
W.I.L.D.C.A.T. Desert Assault Vehicle mejiaswmj
War Jackal faulkner Group Fast Attack Cycle Phobus
WARHORSE a dragon hunters mount and hound 2DARK2C
Warrior Cycle Fast Attack Motorcycle Roadblock528
Warthog Jungle Camo evilsliderboy
Warthog Communications Keenan
Warthog MK III All-terrain Combat Vehicle The Spectre
WASP Wheeled Anti-Aircraft Sentry Platform Stormavik
Watch Dog Military Police Blood Brigade
Water Moccasin Swamp Boat OreoBuilder
Water Moccasin II Copperhead's Vehicle Of Choice russdawg
Water Moccasin MK II High speed Cobra Craft apacolypse
Water Moccasin Tigerjet TigerForce Killer TankTop
Water Moccassin Swamp boat Lance Sputnik
Water Weasel Attack Sub THE Mike
Waterbug Swamp Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
WaterWorld Trimaran Apocolyptic voyager Figureware
Wave Crusher Jet Ski Sharkbait
Wave Crusher 3.0 G.I. Joe Surf Board Sharkbait
Waveburner Covert Assault Craft HypnoHustler
WaveCutter Coastal Defender Vanishing Point
Weapons Transport Tractor USS Flagg Tractor OreoBuilder
Weasel 4x4 All-Terrain Scout Vehicle Stormavik
Weasel Multi-purpose Assault Vehicle mshadow
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