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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Leviathan Hovercraft Blood Brigade
Cobra Leviathan 6x6 APC Blood Brigade
Cobra Night Attack Raft (N.A.R.) Naval Ops / Stealth jedimaster76
Cobra Night Ops Buggy Rapid attack vehicle DREMEL
Cobra P 40 Warhawk Air Force Blood Brigade
Cobra Piranha II High Speed Attack Boat DREMEL
Cobra Predator Helicopter Helicopter Gunship Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Rattler Low Altutude Attack Jet Whargoul44
Cobra Rattler Night Attack greenshirt
Cobra Razor Stealth Helicopter Blood Brigade
Cobra Riptide Naval Demolition and recovery Blood Brigade
Cobra S.A.V.A.G.E. Small Attack Vehicle (Artic Gamut Engagement) GI JONNY
Cobra Schimmwagen Swim Wagon Amphibious vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Sea Hawk Cobra Navy Blood Brigade
Cobra Sidewinder Fast Attack Vehicle Delta Team
Cobra Strafe Chopper Silent Attack/ Bombardment Helicopter Captain Tazer
Cobra Urban Assault Humvee Urban warfare DREMEL
Cobras Blue Slug Anti Aircraft Tank Blood Brigade
Coyote FAV4 Fast Attack Vehicle tristanx
Crimson Hurricane Attack Fighter cfl
Crimson Mirage Fast Attack Vehicle ramonesbootlegs
Crow Hijacked Tigerhawk Sharkbait
Desert Viper Attack Tank CobraTheSilencer
Dire Wolf Faulkner Group Multi Purpose Attack Vehicle Phobus
Dragonhawk V.T.O.L. Attack Jet Bart
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