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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Night Fox Assualt vehicle Blood Brigade
Night Howitzer Night Force Artillery OreoBuilder
Oktober Guard Liberator Soviet MBT ZombieGuide
P.A.C. Rat - Artillery Programmable Attack Robot Turbo_Magnus
Raging Bull Faulkner Group Main Battle Tank Phobus
Rally Sport Stinger 4x4 off road vehicle Blood Brigade
Redlegs Crimson Guard Artillery Section ebola
Scorpion Articulated Heavy Artillery Fast Attack Tank GI JONNY
Seige H.I.S.S. Long Range Heavy Artillery DREMEL
Sidewinder Heavy Artillery / Support HelaViper
Sky Shark Air Assault Blood Brigade
Slugger Mobile Artillary - Version II Dusty79
Soviet MLRS Multi-Launch Rocket System Selective Compression
SPA3S110G Hocopor (Rhinoceros) UPDATE Self-Propelled Artillery tristanx
SPA3S11OG Hocopor (Rhinoceros) Self-Propelled Artillery tristanx
SPARTAN Self Propelled Artilery- type N TK1945
Steel Steel Brigade Heavy Ordinance Sharkbait
Stinger Heavy Armor Combat vehucle Blood Brigade
TGA-7 ULITKA Heavy Tracked Artillery/Self-Propelled tristanx
Thunder Machine v.2 Dreadnok Assualt tank Andrew Pinpoint
Tiger Stalk Tiger Force Command / Artillery Vehicle Turbo_Magnus
Viper APC Assault and Delivery Asphalt
Wolverine Armored Missile Vehicle Kwinn_Lives
Wolverine MK 2 Tank Warfare Blood Brigade
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