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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
ORCA Bomber fiend280
Pegasus Transport plane Transport plane/Gunship Davisgrayson
Python Patrol Condor Bomber carnage717
Python Patrol Night Raven Python Aircraft Python Viper
Python Patrol Phantom Stealth Fighter/Bomber Python Viper
Python Patrol Rattler Python Jet Fighter/Air Support Python Viper
Python Stellar Stilleto Mk. II Deep space/stealth bomber apacolypse
Raptor air superiority vintagetoystuff
Raptor F-22 Jet Fighter carnage717
Razor Gunship Cobra Gunship Darko
S-37 Berkut Soviet Air-Superiority balashivo
Scimitar Advanced Strike Fighter Anlaschog
Serpentora's Skiff Manuverability and Maximum Fire Power Sgt.Rican
Shadow L.I.F.T. G.I. Joe Stealth Fighter J_Man
Shadow Skull Fighter Aerospace Fighter bpackwood
Shadow Stalker V.T.O.L bayou benny
Silent Strike Eagle Multi-role / strike fighter AntonioDR
Sky Condor Sky Patrol Bomber beav
Sky Conquest Shiny Fighter alleyviperelite
Sky Hawk Sky Patrol Light Infantry VTOL Vanishing Point
Sky Patrol Black Knight Skystriker Black Knights VF-154 air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Sky Patrol Sky Valkyrie Gunship and Jump aircraft opiewan1
Sky Raven 2.0 w/ Nightingale Sky Patrol Jet Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Sky Shark Air Assault Blood Brigade
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