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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Steel Brigade LAV (Light Armor Vehicle) Light armor support for the Steel Brigade Davestro
Stingbat Armored Tank vintagetoystuff
Super Hiss 2 Modified Hiss 2 SGTDAVE
T-60/25 m Dushman Russian LAV balashivo
T-80 /105 UM Main Battle Tank balashivo
T-96M (SEROVA) Soviet Main Battle Tank balashivo
T72xp Russian Experimental Battle Tank jrock0525
Thunder Machine v.2 Dreadnok Assualt tank Andrew Pinpoint
Thunder Tank Thundercats Mobile Arsenal CALI Viper
Thunderclash Battlefield Construction / Demolition Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Force HISS Captured Cobra HISS re-outfitted for TF drgeary77
Tiger Force Mobat Mobat outfitted for Tiger Force drgeary77
Tiger Force MOBAT Tiger Force Armor Python Viper
Tiger Force Persuader Fast Attack Tank PoetFlint
Toxo-HISS Cobra Eco Warriors Tank Whargoul44
Triple T Tank Sgt. Slaughter's Vehicle Iron Will
Viper APC Assault and Delivery Asphalt
Viper Tank Cobra Tank roach6177
Volcano H.I.S.S. Tank - BIO 788 Volcanic Armored Division mrgrizzlymosher
Wolverine Desert Armored Missile Vehicle OreoBuilder
Wolverine Desert Armored Missile Tank tweinzierl
Wolverine Camouflage Repaint cathedralofspace
Wolverine 2 Armored Missile Vehicle CDR
Wolverine Mk II Mobile Missile Platform OreoBuilder
Wombat Tank blackrazor1
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