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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team 6wd ATV Multi-purpose All Terrain Vehicle pluv
Amphibious 6x6 Stinger Amphibious Vehicle Blood Brigade
AT-UAZx Gator All-Terrain 6x6 Fast Attack Vehicle Stormavik
BEAR BTR80zB Heavy Assault Vehicle balashivo
Cobra A.S.P. (Alley-Viper Support Platform) Urban Warfare / Mayhem sgcaper
Cobra Blood Bath Urban Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Dreadnought Main battle tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Leviathan 6x6 APC Blood Brigade
Cobra Pitbull Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Ringneck Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle CobraTheSilencer
Cobra S.L.A.V.E. Cobra Soldier Light Artillery Vehicle Cobrafirefly84
Cobra Schimmwagen Swim Wagon Amphibious vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Sea Hag Amphibious Vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Wedge Bridge Layer Blood Brigade
Crimson Guard Ringneck Urban Warfare Vehicle john_mounier
Crimson Ringneck Cobra Assault Vehicle crimson jackal
Goliath Heavy Hauler MRAP DREMEL
H.P.C. Hammer Personnel Carrier nova
HAVOC MK2 Assault Vehicle Blood Brigade
Humungus F100 Wasteland Marauder Dark Horse
Iron BUGG Amphibious Blood Brigade
Jigsaw Rapid Attack Vehicle HypnoHustler
Land Rover Secret of the mummy's tomb mshadow
Longsword Mobile Armored Assault Truck Phobus
M.A.R.S. Alphastrike Tactical Missile Delivery Vehicle Phobus
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