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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
2S11 203-mm Self-Propelled Gun Artillery balashivo
Amphibious 6x6 Stinger Amphibious Vehicle Blood Brigade
Arsenal Mobile Howitzer Long-Range Fire Support Midgarn
B.A.A.L. Beta-particle Accelerated Artillery Laser LIVEVIL
Black Bird Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
C.A.T.A.T.A.C. Seige System DREMEL
CGI Rocket HISS Rocket Vehicle franz
Cobra Amtrak APC Troop Carrier Blood Brigade
Cobra Baracuda Gun Boat Blood Brigade
Cobra Blood Bath Urban Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Blue Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
Cobra Command Hiss Cobra Commander's Personal Transport Vehicle russdawg
Cobra Dreadnought Main battle tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Eliminator Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Firestorm Anti Aircraft Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra H.A.T.E. Tank Heavy Artillery Tank Eliminator Blood Brigade
Cobra Hammer Fist Mobile long range cannon Blood Brigade
Cobra Mountain Howitzer Artillery TomaxXamot2003
Cobra Night Ops Buggy Rapid attack vehicle DREMEL
Cobra P 40 Warhawk Air Force Blood Brigade
Cobra Patrol Vehicle Patrol Blood Brigade
Cobra Predator Helicopter Helicopter Gunship Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Razor Stealth Helicopter Blood Brigade
Cobra Schimmwagen Swim Wagon Amphibious vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Sea Hawk Cobra Navy Blood Brigade
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