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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Black Hawk Motorcycle WoLF
Chameleon Zartan's Swamp Ski Vanishing Point
Dune Skier & Wastelander Zartan A wasteland wild running machine Manowar
FLASH FORCE,Task Force OMEGA Escort Bikes FLASH FORCE Counter Terrorism,TaskForce OMEGA steel bonnet
Grass Hopper Air Bike REESE
High Wire R.A.M. Mk II chad_ghost
Jungle Officer Motorcycle Jungle Ops sgcaper
Mongoose Cobra Infantry Rapid Fire Motorcycle Tunnel Rat
Mongoose Cobra Officer Rapid Fire Motorcycle Tunnel Rat
Night Ops Bike Warpigs ride 2DARK2C
Ninja Cycle Snake Eyes' Ride TheCheznit8
PD 1200 Recon Bike FNAadventures
R.A.M. II Rapid Attack Motorcycle mark two Turbo_Magnus
RAM mk III Delta Force Motorcycle roguetiger
Recon Ratbike Recon Bike cuervo
Robin's Redbird Cycle Sidekick Vehicle of Justice! AdrienVeidt
Ruth Dreadnok Smugglers Bike xMrBreakerx
S.C.R.A.M. Communications vehicle. canprime
SnakeMobile Cobra Commander Parade Bike joemichaels70
Street Hawk Crime Fighter Bike Pentastar
Swamp Bike Patrol Motorcycle mshadow
V1000 SE Snake Eyes' Ninja Cycle FNAadventures
War Jackal faulkner Group Fast Attack Cycle Phobus
Z-Cycle Zarana's Bike Sharkbait
Zartan's Bike Weapons/Untraceability Sgt.Rican
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