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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.T.A.V (Urban Strike Ver.2) All Terrain Assault Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
Archer S.A.C (Scout Assault Cycle) zorpoxthedestroyer
C-130 Hercules G.I.Joe Transport Aircraft kramer 70
Cardboard HISS Tank Cobra Command HISS vidmouse
G.I Joe Hummer Joe Humvee zorpoxthedestroyer
H.I.S.S Tank High Speed Sentry Tank zorpoxthedestroyer
M1 Abrams tank 1/6th custom built tank alien matt
Pangolin S.P.A.T (Single piloted armoured tank) zorpoxthedestroyer
Tiger Claw Assault APC general havoc
TUGG Tug artillery boat zorpoxthedestroyer
Urban Strike A.W.E Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
Venture S.E.A(Sky,Sea exploration and assault)vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
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