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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Armadillo Battle Truck general havoc
Basilisk Swamp Skier Stormavik
BEAR BTR80zB Heavy Assault Vehicle Stormavik
Black Death Dreadnok vehicle kramer 70
Chameleon Swamp Skier Zartan's swamp skier Ian
Chameleon Swamp Skier Zartan's Swamp Skier Dusty79
Cheetah LMA-002 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Pentastar
Coyote FAV4 Fast Attack Vehicle tristanx
DeathRace Special Heavy Armored and Multi-Weapon Vehicle bcost74
Dreadnok Mud Slinger Getting the Dreadnoks through boggy areas Zombiejoe68
H.A.P.C Armored Transport and Assualt Zephyr1999
High Wire R.A.M. Mk II chad_ghost
MCC Scout Short-Range Recon joemichaels70
Mobile Radar Station (MRS) Transportable radar system pluv
Mobile Strike Force Power Cycle Big Wheel pluv
Mongoose Scout Vehicle Stormavik
Nok Runner Dreadnok speed boat Figureware
Thunder Machine Mad Max style Viperoner
Thunder Machine Urban Assult Vehicle Figureware
Thunder Machine 2.0 Destruction,carnage,and road rage Zombiejoe68
Tire Shreader Fast Extraction and Gun Running HoleSnipe
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