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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Anti-Air PACRAT ANTI-AIR Vanishing Point
Artillery PAC RAT ARTILLERY DRONE Vanishing Point
Cobra Blue Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
D-63 Redbird Aerial Attack Drone Dusty79
Demolition PAC RAT Demolition/EOD Vanishing Point
F.A.D. (Forward Assault Drone) Remote Assault Drone Doc Rob
Flamethrower PACRAT Flamethrower Vanishing Point
Heloraptor ROV Attack Drone Dusty79
HISS Mk VI Fast Attack Tank Dusty79
P.A.C. / R.A.E. Limpet Remote Submersible Limpet Delivery Tsunami
P.A.C. / R.A.E. Torpedo Submersible Remote Torpedo Launcher Tsunami
PAC/RAT Anti-Aircraft Drone OreoBuilder
Ransacker SWARM Ground Drone Dusty79
Reaper SWARM Aerial Drone Dusty79
Sky Raven Drone Sky Patrol Recon and Support FireFox91
Soundwave Decpiticon Intelligence Gathering sgcaper
Starscream Cobra Fighter Plane & Drone chad_ghost
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