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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Advanced Tactical Fighters Air superiority fighter program AntonioDR
Adventure Team Helicopter Multi-purpose air transport pluv
Angel of Death Guntruck Resistance Fighters -- 3rd NC Raleigh Raiders C130IM
Annihilator A-144Q vehicle ready to destroy all HISS CobraCommanderSpain
B7-02 Stealth Stealth Fighter J_Man
Black Bird Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
Black Mamba Attack Fighter cfl
Broadsides Anti-Shipping Strike Aircraft Doc Rob
Cobra Dragonsnake Jet Fighter Matthew
Cobra Hammer Fist Mobile long range cannon Blood Brigade
Cobra Hood New Cobra Air Superiority Fighter Jet Riz23
Cobra Keris Attack Fighter FNAadventures
Cobra P 40 Warhawk Air Force Blood Brigade
Cobra Predator Helicopter Helicopter Gunship Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Sledgehammer Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Talon II Jet Fighter Kwinn_Lives
Cobras Blue Slug Anti Aircraft Tank Blood Brigade
Conquest Liberty Air Show Conquest X-30 Dusty79
Conquest XF-17N Night Fighter Kwinn_Lives
Crimson Hurricane Attack Fighter cfl
Crow Hijacked Tigerhawk Sharkbait
Cyclone Multirole fighter AntonioDR
Dagger Recon Jet Anlaschog
EagleStriker F-15 All-weather tactical fighter AntonioDR
F-14 Tomcat & F-18 "Super" Horn Carrier-Based Fighter/Attack Aircraft RgrFett
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