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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"C.H.P." California Harbor Patrol Hovercraft Harbor & Shoreline Lawenforcement Patrol NIKOLAI
Chironex Naval Attack Submarine bpackwood
Cobra Riptide Naval Demolition and recovery Blood Brigade
Cobra Sea Serpent Submarine class kramer 70
Cottonmouth Recon Watercraft Stormavik
Devil Fish Short range assault raft lmateo002
Devilfish Naval Operations OreoBuilder
Devilfish Stealth Instertion Craft sgcaper
Hammerhead Submarine Underwater Exploration and Support sgcaper
Iron Shark Iron Grenadier Assault Ship (General Mayhem) Airtight
Man-O-War Observation Submarine sgcaper
Navy SEAL Kayak SEAL Delivery sgcaper
Orca LCV Amphibious Landing Craft OreoBuilder
S.W.O.R.D FISH Small Naval Attack/Recon Craft arsh81
SAS Boat Patrol Fast Attack Craft HypnoHustler
Sea Ray Underwater Attack Craft OreoBuilder
Sea Sled Cobra Rapid Assault Watercraft OreoBuilder
Seahog TF3AV Fast Attack Watercraft tristanx
Shipwreck's Santa Maria Taking out Cobra Eels KeepItCleanCustoms
Stormfront Arctic S.E.A.L. Vehicle The pros from Dover
SU-27KV (SU-33V) Russian Naval Aviation balashivo
Tiger Ray Tiger Force Sea Ray NetViper X
Tiger Shark Moray G.I. Joe Hydrofoil carnage717
U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Ultra Humvee S.E.A.L. Configuration Humvee The pros from Dover
U.S.S. Shooter Mini submarine for secret/Special forces ops. neapolitan joe
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