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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Viper"-flauged Firebat 2 New style Firebat with new style camo Grey Ranger
BUGG MKIII Amphibious Assault Python Viper
Cobra Python Constictor Air Support apacolypse
HISS APC open top troop transport franz
PP Cargo Truck Covert ops vehicles DREMEL
Python Blitz Python Patrol Armored Urban Assault Turbo_Magnus
Python Leviathan Cobra's Flagship Python Viper
Python Patrol Condor Bomber carnage717
Python Patrol Defiant Python Shuttle Launch Complex Python Viper
Python Patrol Ferret Python Ground Assault Python Viper
Python Patrol H.I.S.S. High Speed Sentry FireFly
Python Patrol HISS Python High Speed Sentry Python Viper
Python Patrol L.A.W. Breaker Amphibious Armored vehicle Grey Ranger
Python Patrol Mauler Python Armor Python Viper
Python Patrol Night Raven Python Aircraft Python Viper
Python Patrol Phantom Stealth Fighter/Bomber Python Viper
Python Patrol Rattler Python Jet Fighter/Air Support Python Viper
Python Patrol Rolling Thunder Heavy Armor/Ballistic Missile System Python Viper
Python Patrol SeaKrait Amphibious Assault,Landing & Patrol Vessel saigon kick
Python Patrol Stinger Multi Purpose Attack & Patrol Vehicle saigon kick
Python Patrol Troop Car Python Officer Transportation muchunow
Python Patrol Water Moccasin Water Moccasin undergone Pythonization drgeary77
Python Quezacotl Python Patrol Light Aerial Assault Turbo_Magnus
Python Stellar Stilleto Mk. II Deep space/stealth bomber apacolypse
Python Strike Python Patrol Light Assault Turbo_Magnus
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