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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Helicopter Multi-purpose air transport pluv
Adventure Team Rescue 4x4 Rapid Response Rescue Vehicle Dusty79
Angler Search and Rescue Craft Phobus
Coast Guard Killer W.H.A.L.E Coast Guard Rescue Hovercraft carnage717
Cobra Leviathan Hovercraft Blood Brigade
Cobra Navy Stinger Navy Kayak Team with Rapids Viper Blood Brigade
Cobra S.C.U.T. Standard Cobra Utility Transport joemichaels70
Dolphin Coastal Rescue Helicopter pluv
Firefighter Rescue Mauler Tank Rescue Vehicle Tank Klausmerkel
HISS Wrecker HISS recovery vehicle franz
Husky Tractor Tractor Blood Brigade
MET (Medical Evacuation Transport) Med Flight Helicopter Ol man
Sea Wolf Rescue / Support Craft ZombieGuide
Snow OX Arctic weather anti-aircraft battery and SAR g.i. joeian
T300 Honey Badger Bomb Disposal Robot Dusty79
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