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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Conquest X-30 Fighter Plane nighthawk
EagleStriker F-15 All-weather tactical fighter AntonioDR
Sky Patrol Black Knight Skystriker Black Knights VF-154 air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Sky Shark Air Assault Blood Brigade
Sky-Wing Sky Patrol Skystriker
Skyboomer High Speed Interceptor Jogunwarrior
Skydash MLP Interceptor Jogunwarrior
Skystriker Air Superiority Fighter Otto the Otter
Skystriker Air superiority fighter nighthawk
Skystriker Classic Skystriker Dusty79
Skystriker Jolly Rogers air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Skystriker Air superiority fighter for Greenshirt use AntonioDR
Skystriker VX-4 Evaluators testing for air superiority AntonioDR
Skystriker XP-14F Dusty79
Skystriker Wolfpack VF-1 air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Skystriker Apocalypse Tactical Nuclear Warhead Delivery Platform Dusty79
Skystriker XP-21F Air Superiority Fighter nighthawk
Vampires Night Boomer VX-9 Vampires Air Test and Evaluation AntonioDR
X-Striker Capt. Luke "Sky" Walker's personal aircraft Ian
X-Wing "Skystriker" Air-to-Air Combat Starfighter Mysterious Stranger
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