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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Viper"-flauged Firebat 2 New style Firebat with new style camo Grey Ranger
B-2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber) Stealth Bomber Raptor-78
B7-02 Stealth Stealth Fighter J_Man
Cobra Jinzouningen Robot Assault Ninja Mainframe
Cobra Night Raven Mark II (Little Crow) Stealth Fighter Tunnel Rat
Cobra P 40 Warhawk Air Force Blood Brigade
Firefly's Ferret Firefly's custom Ferret Grey Ranger
Ghost Condor Night Watch Air Support FNAadventures
KA-57 Howl Attack Helicopter Phobus
Night Intruder Stealth Fighter with Recon Drone The pros from Dover
Night Raven Midnight Bomber SS3b Underground hidden fortress destruction
Python Patrol Phantom Stealth Fighter/Bomber Python Viper
Raptor F-22 Jet Fighter carnage717
Shadow L.I.F.T. G.I. Joe Stealth Fighter J_Man
Sky Bat Stealth Jet Morgardee
Sky-Wing Sky Patrol Skystriker THE Mike™
Skywing Stealth/Sonic Glider Sgt.Rican
Stealth Falcon Stealth Assault Glider Turbo_Magnus
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