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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A/EH-7CU Wyvern Attack/Reconnaissance Helicopter tristanx
Badger Crimson Guard All Weather Environment Vehicle Tunnel Rat
Beast MRAP Transport Truck DREMEL
BOPE's Truck Transportation ToneGuns
Bulldog TRV/OD3 Tank Recovery/Ordnance Disposal tristanx
Cobra Bushwacker off road supply truck DREMEL
Cobra Cargo Transport & Humvee Transport ruination04
Cobra Double-Cross Cobra Bridge Layer Captain Tazer
Cobra HISS Sphere Attack Tank Armoured support attack tank CobraTheSilencer
Cobra Hiss Transport Heavy Transport Lord Bodega
Cobra Transport Truck troop transport and cargo truck DREMEL
GANTRY DEFENDER 2nd Generation VAMP anti-aircraft defender g.i. joeian
Gears Autobot Engineer Vanishing Point
Gun Boat X207 Support fiend280
H.A.I.S.V. aka "The Apocolypse" Heavy Assault Infantry Support Vehicle Otto the Otter
HISS Fueler Fueler franz
Hiss Half-Track Suburban Warfare Blood Brigade
HMV Hard Mechanic Vehicle abdielo
Husky Tractor Tractor Blood Brigade
M-826 Cargo truck Soviet Combat Support balashivo
M.U.T.T. Multi Utility Transport Truck Blood Brigade
M274 Military Mule 1/2 ton 4wd Army workhorse bcost74
Miss Molly New Team 7 Air Support REESE
MMS Heavy Vamp MK3 Heavy Armour Vamp Blood Brigade
Mobile Command Center MCC wertdog78
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