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Thumbnail Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Japanese Self Defense Force Vehicle
Japanese Self Defense Force Vehicle Light Armored Vehicle Gramps
Javelin Space Shuttle
Javelin Space Shuttle Space Interceptor AverageJoe
Jeep, Raft, and Trailer
Jeep, Raft, and Trailer Getting the boat to the water fat_kids_joes
Jetfire Conquest X-30 Transformers Crossover Dusty79
Jetfire Air guardian AntonioDR
JetHawk MRF Racing and Funskool RamJet bike pluv
Jigsaw Rapid Attack Vehicle HypnoHustler
Johnny Blaze Motorcycle
Johnny Blaze Motorcycle Spirit of Vengeance icecreamman
Joint Strike Fighter
Joint Strike Fighter Stealth multirole fighter AntonioDR
Juggernaut Long Range Missle Mobile Delivery Sysytem redredly
Jungle B.A.T. H.I.S.S.
Jungle B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Android HISS tank drgeary77
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat All Terrain 1/2 Track Jogunwarrior
Jungle Fox
Jungle Fox Jungle Assualt Jeep bucky
Jungle HISS
Jungle HISS Jungle High Speed Sentry Jogunwarrior
Jungle Hiss
Jungle Hiss Cobra Jungle Tank Whargoul44
Jungle HISS I
Jungle HISS I Armor and Artillery sgcaper
Jungle HISS II
Jungle HISS II Armor and Ais Cav Launch Pad sgcaper
Jungle Jeep
Jungle Jeep Recon All terrain jungle jeep joewolfsoul
Jungle Officer Motorcycle
Jungle Officer Motorcycle Jungle Ops sgcaper
Jungle R.A.T. Vamp
Jungle R.A.T. Vamp Jungle Reconnaissance armed tactical VAMP Vamped up
Jungle Strike Humvvee
Jungle Strike Humvvee Armored Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
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