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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Advanced Tactical Fighters Air superiority fighter program AntonioDR
Autobot cars GI Joe-Autobot task force AntonioDR
Cyclone Multirole fighter AntonioDR
EagleStriker F-15 All-weather tactical fighter AntonioDR
F/A-18 Hornet Jolly Rogers multi-role fighter AntonioDR
Flying Tigers Warhawk P-40 Air superiority fighter-bomber AntonioDR
Funskool Action Force Skystriker Air superiority fighter AntonioDR
GhostStriker F-16 (Hi-Lo strategy) Multi-role fighter AntonioDR
Grim Reapers B-2 ATB Strategic stealth bomber AntonioDR
Grim Reapers Bloodfighter Light bomber AntonioDR
Grim Reapers Nightboomer VFA-101 Air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Grim Reapers SkySweeper Stealth attack aircraft AntonioDR
Intruder II Light all-weather attack aircraft AntonioDR
Jetfire Air guardian AntonioDR
Joint Strike Fighter Stealth multirole fighter AntonioDR
Lightning Flash Light multirole jet AntonioDR
LightningStriker F-35 Stealth multi-role fighter AntonioDR
LightStriker Light combat aircraft AntonioDR
LightStriker A Light combat aircraft AntonioDR
Sabre Wolf F-86X All-weather interceptor AntonioDR
Sideswipe G2 Autobot Warrior AntonioDR
Silent Strike Eagle Multi-role / strike fighter AntonioDR
Silent Thunderstriker Stealth air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Sky Patrol Black Knight Skystriker Black Knights VF-154 air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Skystriker Jolly Rogers air superiority fighter AntonioDR
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