Head SW- Lando
Torso - 25th Ship Wreck
Legs - Can't remember
Coat - Nick Fury

This figure has been a long time coming I'm still not sure if the head is right but its the closet I could find.

Not much is kown about Oneforceleaders background or where he is from or his real name.
Oneforceleader has been long thought to be a myth. A myth that began back in 1991, when a soldier who fought the good fight got fed up with the kid gloves used to deal with terroism. So he started a mission to build a team of individuals who all shared the thought that sometime you have to fight terror with terror. So then began the legan of Oneforce. One by one Oneforceleader put together a team of former military, law enforcement, intellegnce, mercenary, and crominal alike to form Oneforce. Aided by his trusted friends The Vine and Deacon Oneforceleader took the fight to terrorist across the globe. At times they even did battle with G.I.Joe and its many branchs and teams.
In the end someone has to strike fear in those who hold the world hostage and Oneforceleader and Oneofrce are the "Ones" to get the job done.

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