Head: SW:AOTC Anakin Skywalker
Chest/back: NS Tunnel Rat
Arms: NS Televiper
Waist: NS Snake-Eyes
Legs: NS Stalker
Helmet: ARAH Ripcord with kibble from SWCW Cad Bane
Backpack: ARAH Firefly
Mine Detection Wand: ARAH Tripwire


Scout was the Action Force mine sweeper. The main design element of the Palitoy figure was the use of red sleeves on an otherwise olive drab uniform. As with most New Sculpt customs, the trick was to find pieces that somehow add up to make a properly proportioned body. Once I parted the body, I found the Anakin Skywalker head.

The supplies and tools loaded sculpted on the Firefly backpack seemed like gear the character would have.

Colors & Painting:

Roughly based on the Palitoy figure, but with dusty brown used in place of black. The uniform is a mixture of green and grey spray paints washed with dark green.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I cut the extra hair from the Anakin Skywalker head and then reworked it to fit the Ripcord helmet, adding the straps to the head. The Ripcord helmet wasn't a great choice, but it looked more European than many of the other helmets in my spare helmets box. The bit of scrap attached to it helped alter the helmet's appearance and explains the holes on its sides.

Thanks for looking.

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